Bitter cold

Bitter lemon

Bitter feelings


 Feeling bitter?

No joy

No calm



Allow for…


Sweet warmth

Sweet lemonade

Sweet love


And fill that void!






Kate’s departure


After arriving at midway… 
Her destination achieved 12 hours later!

The line for check in snaked all thru the hallway behind the terminal back around to the front.   It wove back and forth with resignation and hope.  We left the airport after standing with her an hour and she still had a flight…just 30 minutes late.  

(Midway made the news, camera crews all over the place). The aviation world was coming to a stand still.

But, when we got home…her flight was cancelled!

She decided to try standby.
As she stood in line, it was becoming evident that if she didn’t leave soon, it would be Wednesday (5 days) before she could get out. Gone would be the job she had rebooked for.  Gone would be the agreement to pay for the hike in price.  Maybe her clothes would be lost too!   

Yet, we would have 5 more days together.  

Tick, tock the hours went by.  She was unwilling to leave the line to get food in case they would call her name.  C-58…yes she made it,  boarded.  The plane waited on the tarmac, close to an hour!  Would it actually leave?  What was holding it up?  So many cancellations, so many flights out of the organized sequence for take off, what was the delay? This flight, as it turned out, was the last flight to actually leave for Los Angeles that night….out of the 17 flights, 10 were canceled.

Finally in the air…oh so hungry…lunch was at least 7 hours ago!
Flew to Houston, didn’t have to change planes…only 11 people stayed on board…whole new set of passengers.
Arrived at lax after 11.  An hour later the suitcases start swirling around the baggage pick-up. Thank goodness, Juan was there to pick her up!  Hungry and tired!   Most food options closed for the night.  “In and Out”, but only Juan ate.  Hunger turns to nausea. She finds a banana to eat and sleep.

We loved every moment of her visit, but this wasn’t a great way to end it.
Her story was quite tame compared to others.