Time passes…


As time passes, it doesn’t get easier.  
New circumstances are crossing our paths.  
Hoping for a confident feeling with the new life style, 
yet uncharted waters arrive on the horizon.
 I must remain the explorer, 
continue to take one moment at a time, 
discover everything in this adventure.  
Cannot turn back, bail, or give up. 
Possible pitfalls, hopefully no quick sand!  

New discoveries!
 Must let go of the old 
and follow the 


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Even at our suburban home
There are tracks in the snow
Cat tracks
Squirrel tracks
Deer tracks
Rabbit tracks
Possum tracks 

and one morning
I looked down and saw the tiniest tracks.
Vole or mouse had ventured out the last day of January,
Maybe that’s their “Groundhog Day”!

The animal had pushed out from under ivy that grows next to the back door.  Walked daintily to the other side of the sidewalk.  Burrowed under the snow to the evergreen some 5 feet away!  No evidence of tracks coming back.  Did the little creature meet his demise?  Did he join others to wait out this next storm?  Was he looking for another stash of food?
Alas no  time to photograph those tracks!  I will carry their beauty in my head. So tiny, dainty, pristine, the creature had indeed carefully placed each step.  He didn’t drag his feet or tail.  The sparkling snow enhanced the clean precision.



Audrey can dress herself now!
Freedom to choose the outfit!
Liberation has come!

Daycare had casually mentioned they could tell what days dad had been in charge.  I suppose they have figured out Audrey is in charge now.   No longer will outfits be picked out the night before and hang waiting.  Her choice!  Some will be frilly and sweet days.  Others- jeans and a top with an excavator or truck on it.  Or days with a touch of both!

Sometimes what we wear is the only statement we can make.  Everyone doing the same thing at the same time.  Eating the same food, coloring, cutting, listening all done together.  What we wear is chosen by ME!  My clothes are my statement.  Please don’t take that away!  Choice is important.

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I’m sitting on my couch listening to the wind.  It is 6 degrees outside.  Supposedly the wind is blowing 28 mph.  Let’s not even think about the wind chill factor.   The house creaks, the windows rattle, occasionally a car drives by with the snow crunching, and the furnace continues to keep us cozy and warm.  

Why can I hear all the sounds today?  No distractions with the everyday busyness?  More practice listening everyday.  Listening to my surroundings, others, and my own thoughts.  It’s hard to listen to myself.
Listening is my word.


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What is normal? I’m beginning to wonder. All these years I thought I was normal, but now I am not sure.
Looking at Webster’s examples, I’m wondering all the more!
The normal synonyms look so blasé . Yet the antonyms don’t fit me either! The related words make me shutter even more.