Let me introduce Papa’s grandparents, Clara and Julius , your great grandpa Raymond’s parents.   Clara worked as a switchboard operator until she got married.   Julius was an accountant.  Papa doesn’t know how they met.  He does know that Julius was raised in St. Louis, where his father worked in masonry.  He had two brothers, but they were killed in a car accident.  Clara’s father was a doctor and she had a sister named Stella. Clara and Julius raised Raymond and his sister, Mary in Chicago. 

Julius did not learn to drive until he retired and moved to Florida.  Clara’s father, Dr. Mitchell built a home Avon Park, Fl where Clara and Julius made their retirement home.   Whenever they would travel between Chicago and Florida, they always took the train.
Papa’s family spent a lot of time with Clara and Julius in Florida.   His sisters actually lived with them at different times for various reasons.  The Florida house is on a lake with an orange grove on the other side.   The orange trees smell so good when they are in bloom.  Gardenias grow close to the clothes line.  While you hang your laundry up to dry, you smell their deliciousness.  Great grandma Ruby still has that place.  She and grandpa Ray moved the old house off the land and built a bigger house.
When papa was in high school, Clara lived with his family until she was moved to a nursing home.  Papa remembers taking her for walks around the neighborhood.  She always insisted on carrying her pocketbook with her as they walked.  
Maybe you and I should talk to Papa to learn more about his Grandparents.  I’m sure he has stories to tell.  Tomorrow I’ll tell you what I know about Papa’s Texas relatives.