I’m pausing a day from my great, greats…

The word ridicule came to my attention.  In fact it scared me into considering not posting anymore.  The possibility that someone, somewhere would be laughing at my expense made me consider stopping.  I’m not sure why this evil thought crept into my thinking, but it did.  I know my writing needs improvement, that’s one reason why I write.  Yet, my insecurities are trying to control my thinking.  
I can’t change what others do, but I can definitely make sure of what I do.  I remembered a quote I read recently. I can’t quote directly, but this is the jist of it.  “I can’t love everyone, that is impossible.  I can try to respect everyone.  I don’t have to like everything they do, but I can respect them as a person.”
I don’t think I am alone.
  1. 1.
    the subjection of someone or something to mockery and derision.
    “he is held up as an object of ridicule
    synonyms: mockeryderisionlaughterscorn, scoffing, contempt, jeering,sneering, sneers, jibes, jibing, teasing, taunts, taunting, badinage,chaffing, sarcasmsatire

  1. 1.
    subject (someone or something) to mockery and derision.
    “his theory was ridiculed and dismissed”
    synonyms: deridemock, laugh at, heap scorn on/upon, jeer at, jibe at, sneer at,treat with contempt, scorn, make fun of, poke fun at, scoff at, satirize,lampoonburlesquecaricatureparodyteasetauntchaff