Audrey and Calvin,

I know a little more about Papa’s grandparents from Texas.  Ruby Mabel’s parents, your Great, great grandparents, Barbara and Theodore Adolfus Willoughby from Lueders, Texas.  Referred to as Pa and Bama by their grandchildren.
 I understand that Ted ran away from home when he was 14. He traveling with a carnival.  Shooting gallery was his expertise. I’m not sure how he ended up in Texas, but he found working as a ranch hand suited him.  He also was an entrepreneur just like Dickie.  For awhile he played the piano for the silent movies.  He could really play the rag time music.  
Ruby remembers the store he ran and watching the people pump their own gasoline.  Her job was to make sure they didn’t take extra and that they paid.   The neighbors relied on Ted to switch for water.  West Texas is very dry and well water is scarce.  You needed someone who can use a forked stick to determine where the water was.  Ted would find it, the neighbors would dig their wells, and sure enough they had water.   Without Ted they could dig hole after hole and not find water.
Bama and Pa had 4 girls and 1 boy.  Faye, Ruby, Tussy, Norma and Bud.  It was several years after I was married that I learned that Tussy ‘s real name is Mary Belle and I think Bud’s name is Carl.  Pa called Ruby, “Boots”.
They lived in a two room house with a convenient out -house.  We stayed there once when your Daddy was a little boy.  I was warned to be careful outside and watch for rattlesnakes.  The house was quite cozy.
When Papa would visit Texas in the summers, all the kids would line up in Pa’s front yard and get hosed down.  They would also sleep on the roof tops or in the back of a pick up truck.  He loved watching the night sky.  Sputnik watching was great.  Papa knows a lot of his constellations from those nights with his cousins in Texas.
One time when your Papa was in college, he went to visit Pa.  His hair was a little long. So before Pa would go into town with him, he took his sheep shears and cut Papa’s hair.   They went to the grocery store, Papa had to wait in the truck while Pa bought a container of ice cream.  They sat in the truck and ate the ice cream with the spoons Pa kept in the truck for just such an occasion.
Recently we learned that Pa didn’t trust banks.  He kept his money in a metal box in his truck!  Not under the mattress… How times have changed!
Soon I’ll share with you about your Great grandparents.
With love,
I just remembered more about your Great, great grandpa Dickie…I’ll be going in and editing.  I don’t want to forget anything.