The house has been in the family since its inception.  Phil’s Dad, Raymond designed and built it with his own hands.  

Raymond married his beautiful red-headed Texas sweetheart of 3 months and soon left for the big war.  Charlotte was born while Daddy was overseas in India rebuilding airplane engines.  Ruby and Charlotte scooted between Texas and Illinois living with family members.  

While Raymond was rebuilding those engines he probably was dreaming about where his new little family would live together.  Dreams that kept his heart and soul in one piece during the war.  Over there, in the desert, he decided that he would build them a home in Illinois near his parents.  A city where he could find employment and make a go of it after the war.  The house was probably sketched many times, if he is at all like his son, making it a little better with each sketch.

After the war, it took 4 years to build the house.  Working, building, dreaming, hoping to bring the growing family to Illinois.  Raymond’s father-in-law from Texas, Pa, would come up and help.  The little family moving back and forth between relatives.  Janet and Pat were born and finally the son they had been waiting for, Philip.  At last the house was ready for occupants.  Philip moved in when he was 3 months old.

The house is a concrete block raised ranch with a basement/ garage.  The neighborhood was basically empty.  Land that had once been farmland.  Just down the street is the dairy barn, many times the cows got out and had to be sent back to the farm.  Wide open space, great places to play, run and hide.

Yet, like many towns after the war, houses popped up like popcorn.  The soldiers returning needed housing.  Most of the housing was built quickly and efficiently.  Like Raymond’s house most of those houses are still here.  Some of the original families are just now selling those homes, yet many families left in the 60’s and 70’s.  Raymond’s family is still being represented, at least for a little while longer.