Now that we are planning to move to another part of the country, I’m finding all my collections that have been squirreled away. What to do? Should we find new homes for them? It was the process and not the product. Or am I allowed to keep them? Share them with others!

What kind of collections are we talking about?

Rock and shell collections. Chambered nautilus, sand dollar, shells of many shapes and sizes, some have gone to a nature center, but these have special meaning. Undefined meaning, but special! From my perch on the sofa I can see the crystals my dad bought as he traveled across the countryside. In the basement is my quartz science project. My grandfather built the wooden carrying case just for the project. It went to the state science fair.

Antique furniture. We have pieces that my grandparents had when they got married. Coffee grinder, vanity table and mirror. An assortment of antiques that don’t have a family connection, but are dear to my heart. Books…

My husband has collections of tools, wood, car parts, gardening supplies, you name it, he might have it. He has frequently mentioned that we need a moving van for his basement and we can replace anything that is upstairs.

Deep down it looks like all the collections will follow us wherever we might go.