I wonder how many reasons I can come up with?
Don’t have time
Can’t think of a topic
What will others think?
Hate writing
Never good at it
No one will care
Have nothing to say
My spelling is terrible
Why bother
Takes too much time
I’m sure there are more, but is this where many of our students are? We give them a topic because they can’t think of one. We encourage them by saying “practice makes perfect”.

Let me digress.
I was talking with my grown daughter -in -law about her experience in school. She mentioned if she had been allowed to read about horses she would have read more. I’m wondering if the same would be true about writing too. She is a lady who can teach herself to sing in other languages by phonetics, attended and participated in horse-whispering clinics, probably would have enjoyed car racing, and can finesse a deal from slick salesmen. I wish she could have read and written her fill of horse books in her youth. Her self-esteem about her youth might be different. When I mentioned that in our district we let the students read and write about their passions, she found it hard to believe.

Maybe reason
11. Afraid to write about my passion