“Where are you now?” You might ask.

Back home…

“Well how was it?”

In the beginning, uneventful…

“Do you like your new house?”

Yes, very pleasant, the back yard will be my refuge.

“Did you get settled in?”

Not really, it was throw the items into the house and back on the road towards Florida…

“How long was that drive?”

Two and a half long days!  Should have taken a different route…

“Say, were you caught in that ferocious storm along the coastal waters?”

Just after Mobile, on the long bridge our windshield wiper snapped off the Sprinter.  We were blind every time a semi dashed by us.”

“Well, surely you stopped and waited out the storm!”

We were able to have the passenger wiper moved to the driver’s side and kept driving!

“You waited out the storm!”

Nope, but it disappated around 9 in the evening.  We pulled into the driveway at midnight!

“Some relaxation now?”

Cleaned up in the house in case we wanted to show it.  Two days later, I’m on the plane back to Illinois.  Want to fly down and help him drive back to Texas and then to Illinois?

“How long would I be gone?”

Don’t know!