What just happened?

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Eager to show a fun little piece with someone, I called my husband over.  I watched his face as he read.  He was smiling, I felt good.  
Then he spoke…
“Don’t need the exclamation marks,” and in almost the same breath, “do you want me to edit it?”

I’m afraid, I didn’t respond well.  “No, I just wanted you to enjoy it.”

After cooling down, I started thinking.  At work he edited code book after code book, letters, plan reviews, etc…that’s what he did.  Just like teachers, we edit piece after piece…so they learn how to do it right!  
What is right?

I thought about how I felt.  Yes, I’m an adult and probably could have handled it better.  How do our students feel, when we direct them to change this and that?  As I sit with my intervention students and watch them write, I’ve found the best possibilities for rewrites begins when the student rereads what they have written.  The student finds those possibilities.

I’ve watched students take their writing to the teacher – to make it right.  Never confident that what they wrote is good enough.  And joy… they get to recopy the piece.  After they recopy, it might get put up on display.

I didn’t think the fun little piece I wrote this morning would have me thinking about my students.  Oh yes, I posted it…I took out one exclamation mark!  Didn’t make any other changes, I lost my enthusiasm for the piece…  

Yes, if I wanted to publish for money an editor would be involved, maybe a writing group, but I’ve asked for the input.  

Or my pride is just too fragile…
I’ll have to strengthen and honestly want the help.

Our Ranch

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Yes, we bought a ranch in Texas…
How big?
Oh, about 1200…
letting it go wild…
The relatives have the livestock…
Pecan trees all over it…
His sister is managing it until we move in…
She lives a couple of ranches over…

Can’t wait!


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Why have I chosen silence?
Withdrawal from the community of writers?
Was it the comment from a family member about my mushy brain possibilities?
Was it the busy schedule?
Was it exhaustion?
Was it shear obstinance on my part?