Mr. Toad

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It’s funny how many things we take for granted. It has always been a celebration when a toad is found in the garden. One year even a toad home was created. The toad probably didn’t use it, but we felt better about his accommodations!

It wasn’t until I saw a little toad nestled in my propagating tray today that toad questions exploded.

Did you know that toads are hatched in water like frogs? They remain there for about two months. So where did our toads come from? We have a nice big one in the west garden, a medium sized one in the east garden and now my friend in the propagating tray. Not much water right around our house.

Wild toads don’t have a long life, but a few in captivity live longer. Here’s wishing our three toads a long and prosperous toady life!


Just Stopping By…

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If you just stopping by – please say HI!
If a smile came across your face- great!
If you forgot your cares for a sec – terrific!
If you are just passing the time – super!
Yet, please … Say HI!

Only in a small town?

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On our recent trip to a small town in Texas, we needed a little more gas for the lawn mower.  Easy – less than a 2 block walk to the gas station!  I’ll walk down. Pondering what the possible reactions of the towns people might be when seeing a small gray-haired lady walking with a gas can.  Total interest or ignore the situation.  

At the pump a man talked uneasily how filling my can would cost 8 dollars.  A little over two dollars almost filled it.   He definitely didn’t like the cost of fuel.  

Only a half a block from the gas station and I heard….”Mam, mam, can we give you a ride?”  Truly appreciating their concern, thanking them for their offer, yet walking on to our new home without assistance and wondering if it would have happened in suburbia!