It’s been over a week now, but we still don’t believe it.

We were enjoying a visit with our daughter and her friend.  A quiet lunch picnic planned with our friends down the hill!

and then…


Thirty people gathered together to celebrate-


Tears, jaw drops, and little ones gathered into our arms.  It is a wonder the picnic basket and potato salad weren’t dropped!

Our sons, daughter-in-law and grand kids flew in along with other family and friends to help celebrate 40 years of wedded bliss!


Two people actually attended the event 40 years ago, our best man and beautiful flower girl.  How time flies!

A sister and brother-in-law who couldn’t afford to bring their young family from California then just happened to be in the neighborhood.  Who would have guessed?

After lots of hugs, good food and conversation many departed.  We stayed to chat with our good friends who hosted the surprise.  Soon it leaked out that our daughter was the driving force behind this wonderful event.  A mastermind indeed!

After pizza at the local pizzeria we discovered there was more to come.  Everyone just needed to get some sleep and digest all the good food.

Even though the next morning appeared to have rain in the forecast we planned to head to the beach.  After blueberry pancakes we loaded 2 cars and ventured on to the bottom of the lake busy highway to Indiana Dunes State Park.  An afternoon of fun in the sun, cool water, good food, running up and down the dunes along with a few naps defined our first day of family vacation.  A Mediterranean  dinner  was enjoyed by all except for a tired 4 year old who played in the sand and water all day and slept.  PB and J’s were made for her ride to the hotel.  The rest of us went to feast our eyes on the Century of Progress Homes in the National Lakeshore.  Imagine homes floated across the lake from the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair.  Rebuilt, maintained and leased to those willing to care diligently for these historic icons.

More family vacation to come…

Next day we were heading downtown on the train to Chicago, staying  near the Merchandise Mart, eating great Chicago food, boat rides, fire works and lots of walking.  One day we took 30,000 steps and only 22,000 the day before!

What a memorable time together!  We will cherish it forever!

Thank you to our wonderful family.  Your time, efforts, expense, frustrations and LOVE we appreciate unconditionally. To our one family member who had to experience the family vacation vicariously, we hope you can join us next time.

Hugs and kisses to all!

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