Eight…steps in the journey

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1. Restless night
2. What didn’t get packed?
3. Busy streets, restless commuters, dodging in and out of lanes
4. Finally checked in
5. TSA long line
6. Quick sandwich
7. Gate
A boarding
B boarding
8. Wonderful – a window seat left!

1. Watch the landscape change- magnificent views!
2. Snack and book
3. Time to land
4. Baggage claim
5. Suitcases around and around
6. Oh, the other side of the terminal for the shuttle
7. Run, Run—–
8. Shuttle waiting!

1. Park and ride in half an hour
2. Pick-up and lunch
3. Get ready for munchkins
4. 8 days of fun!

1. Books to read
2. Games to play
3. Worms to hold
4. Baths to take
5. Good food
6. Forts to build
7. Walks to take
8. Leaves to rake, trees to plant

OH NO, Time to Go!

8. Pack the bag
7. Restless night
6. Breakfast
5. Hugs & Kisses- Goodbyes
4. Shuttle on time
3. Busy check in
2. Board
1. Watch the beauty of our land fly by!
0. Back Home!
Until next time!

Through the haze

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Haze over the earth
Green, brown and yellow emerge.

Straight lines,
Horizontals, verticals and circles-
Frilly and
Even jagged!

Way off to the horizon
Cruising 14 to 37,0000 feet in the air
A toy scape view…

Game patterns
No sequence
Mother Nature at her best

Harvesting, harvested, planted, fallow!
Life abounds for another day.

Write what may…

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Play with words
That’s what I do-

No pattern to follow
No rules to govern-

Listening to my heart
Who’s to critique?