Friday afternoon was taking shape.  Lunch was done, dishes too, an important email being written and then the phone rang.  John T…well we better answer this one.

Overhearing the conversation- the water heater “exploded” water everywhere.  Mold rampant.  Our Friends of the Indian Boundary Prairie Nature Center was in disarray.

The dedicated member who loved the Nature Center into life just passed away only a month ago.  So sad to see the room so wet, speckled, and smelly.

In our despondency of losing Pat, no one had gone to the center for awhile.  We haveno idea when the water started spraying.  Figuring out the next course of action is on the agenda.

We joined 5 others in moving and discarding items.  Luckily there was an empty room next door in this old school building.  The city is trying hard to make good use of the first school in Markham.

We brought home photos and books to dry out and wipe off the mold.  Our front porch and the warm March sun are helping save these items.

Now the city will demo the room, clean the mold, lay new carpeting, and a new heater.  But when?  Money doesn’t grow on trees.  The center is a good location right next to one of our prairie remnants.   Managed and protected by The Nature Conservancy!

The Friends will have to reconstruct the Nature Center without our friend’s help.

  We should dedicate the new center to her.  It would only be right!

The Pat Brownlow Nature Center

We must insist.