Teeny tiny

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Starts in a teeny tiny town

Where there is a teeny tiny house

With teeny tiny weather

Must stay inside

Freezing in and out

Packed all the family even a cat

Two mice

And a cricket!

Marvelous meals

Laughs and gags

Special times

Memories to sort and file

Ends too soon

Never to happen again in the teeny tiny town

Found in big sky country!


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Used to think…must “fix”
Now …must “wait”

Who’s in charge?

Not I!

So hard-
Not to “fix”


Everyone has their path

Not mine.


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I have been asked, “are you happy?”.  
Life is different now. I no longer go to work and have those moments of confidence about my performance . The joy of children and colleagues are not available. Only in memory…
Change is – well change.
My present roles: partner, care-giver, cook, domestic worker, memory…
Laughing doesn’t come as easy…but that can change!  
Joy cannot be taken from me just because my purpose is different.  

It is up to me to strive for the inner peace.

And then-

Yes, I am happy.