Here we are fifty plus days into autumn, where did the year go?  The garden is all finished  except for the Swiss chard and kale.  It was a disappointing year for our gardens.  We need to cover the entire garden in wood chips to help replenish nutrients while it sleeps.

Now we are helping press cider, drying apples and appreciating the bounty of our friends’ orchards.   Home pressed cider is delicious.  Very work intensive, but all I’ve had to do is fix lunch for the crew.  Hot soup, sandwiches and a little cake satisfies, topping off with fresh cider to drink!

Heading back out to Colorado to babysit the grands soon, we will have good times together.  The move out west is more or less on hold.  Our house here in the Midwest hasn’t finished itself, so not on the market yet.  When will it be done you ask?  Well, as my wise husband puts it, “when it’s done.”  So I’ve been crunching numbers, spinning my wheels, and trying to figure out next steps.

Tried a little substitute teaching, but don’t think I’m made of the right stuff for that role.  I miss my time working individually with students, using what they know and helping build their foundations.  Finding a niche for myself hasn’t been successful.  Everything in the right place at the right time!  I’ll try a few more times with substituting before I throw in the towel.  Maybe I’ll surprise myself!

Thanks for catching up with me,

When I Fly