My son made a delicious meal of chicken wings, asparagus and salad. Sometimes his 2 year old doesn’t eat a lot of her dinner.  She was obviously tired.  He decided to pull the meat off the bone to make it easier to eat.  It looked like a Mt. Vesuvius of tears would erupt at any moment.  And then she noticed…

“dad, what is that?”

“A toothpick”

“Why do you have a pooch tick?”

“Clean the chicken out of my teeth.”

“Can I have one ?”

“When you eat your dinner”

Nana interrupts,

“You’ll need chicken teeth first.”

Ok, down goes the first bite of chicken.


“Show me your chicken teeth.”

She quickly opens her mouth.

“Nope, not enough chicken, you know if you eat your asparagus it will make your

chicken teeth look green and we can see it better.”

Down goes an asparagus spear, and the mouth goes open.

“Need more chicken.”

Back and forth,

“Hmmmmmmm. More!”

“Would you rather have a toothpick or floss?”


“Almost green enough, more asparagus !”

“Done?  Floss?”

“Let’s go get some.”

Yay for chicken teeth and floss.  Another tummy full, contented parents and an amused Nana.


“When I Fly” 2013