Picnics in the woods…

After a fun family picnic at the pond, just across the field from my grandparent’s house, we would either fish or take a hike in the woods.

One day everyone, Grandparents, aunt, uncle, mom, dad, sister and cousins, all walked down to where the cattle were grazing.  Along the creek, we heard the frogs croaking, maybe knocked down a few crayfish mud houses.  When we found the cows the two old plow horses were there.  Bet and Tip, huge draft horses that my grandfather didn’t need anymore to plow the fields.  He did use them for an occasional hayride for all of us.  We used the Ford tractor now.

Bet and Tip were the most docile horses.  My cousin helped me get up on one so I could ride while they grazed.  It was fun, but I decided to see if I could get them to walk a little faster.  So I kinda slapped him a little and kicked in on his flanks.  Hang on…. that horse took off! I grabbed his mane and held on for dear life.  He ran along the creek bed. And then… he started up the hill and headed right for the fence and low overhanging trees.  He was going to eliminate this little urchin sitting on him by brushing me off with the trees.  I quickly decided that sliding off the back end was better than being entangled with the trees or fence.  Thump, that was a long way down!  I never swatted the horses again.


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