Yesterday two inches of snow drifted down into our lives.  Beautiful, quiet, brightening the winter scape.

Today it is time to clean off the cars, shovel the sidewalk and driveway.  Only to find that the shovels are tucked neatly away in the attic.  No problem, one might think, but it is.  The only access to the attic is on a twelve foot ladder placed on the stairs to the basement.  The ladder is already on the stairs, but I’ve never actually put it in place, trusted my life without someone else bracing it.  

The person who put the shovels in the attic and would normally fetch them, is in Texas.  

Texas, where they have been housebound 3 days because of an ice storm.  A storm that these Texans have no back up plan, except to wait patiently.  The roads so slick that all the pick-up trucks were fish tailing everywhere.  It is starting to thaw and they might make it to the store today.  Maybe the delivery trucks will make it there first.

I guess I can wait, two inches of snow won’t keep me home.

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