Once upon a time, about a week ago.  Katy Bird needed to move.  She packed all her belongings, sold her refrigerator and couch.  A big truck came to carry her belongings to Lamanda street a bike ride away from the ocean.

She is sharing her new nest with another.  All her belongings need to fit into one room instead of three.  Piles and piles to go through and organize.  Papers, books, clothes,shoes, suitcases, boxes, you can just imagine.

At least all the kitchen items can be shared. Katy Bird likes to cook.  Being able to share a meal with someone is one of the perks for changing nests.

Yet, Katy Bird doesn’t have time to organize.  She is working 15 hour days and must fly to another city, actually 5 cities in all.  After work she tries to pack.  Frantically searching through the boxes, suitcases and piles for two weeks worth all squished into one suitcase.  She calls.  “By any chance do you remember where you packed my black shoes with the swoosh?  No, sorry!”  If you haven’t guessed, I packed up her apartment while she worked.  Almost as soon as we dropped off the truck, I flew home.  Katy Bird was left with unpacking.

So now Katy Bird is packing, tying to finish a project and maybe, just maybe, getting some sleep.

Accomplished- she is boarding the jet named after her.  More jets to follow as she flits across the country.  Five different touch downs, five different crews to work with, two weeks until back to her nest.  Where she will be sorting, sleeping, eating along with wrapping all 5 cities and paying bills.

After that – Katy Bird will need a long nap!