I thought I was right-handed by nature, but I’m starting to wonder if it was by nurture!

Lately I’m noticing that when I go to unlock my door, reach for my phone, wonder where my keys are, everything is in my left-hand pocket not my right.  Yet, I have all my stuff in my left hand.  I’m carrying bags, pulling my briefcase, or holding everything else so my right hand can unlock the door, answer the ringing cell phone, or whatever task is at hand.  Only my right hand can’t unlock the door or answer the phone because my keys or phone are buried in my left hand pocket.  So I have to put everything down and use my left hand to retrieve the keys or cell phone.

This is getting annoying, I’m not sure I can retrain my brain.  I find that I always put everything in my left-side pockets whether coat, jacket or jeans.  

Where do you store your stuff?

“When I Fly” 2013