In the genes,

Mom said, as a child, her nickname was “Sloppy Liz.”  I’d ask her why and she would just smile.  Her mother, Grandma Quick was very organized and tidy.  She was so organized she had a little memo pad where she kept track of the weather each day.  She had another notebook recording when the garden was planted, what was planted and when it sprouted.  She and Grandpa could decide early on if they needed to replant.  They raised they most delicious sweet corn and tomatoes.  I have a couple of Grandma’s memo pads and I could tell you all about their garden for that year.   She also wrote on items when they were purchased.  I think it was to see how long something lasted.

My husband mentioned that when he married me he was wondering if I would be more like my mother or my grandmother.  Neat and tidy or more like “Sloppy Liz.”  I asked him, well what did you decide?

In his diplomatic way he mentioned that in a way I’m a lot like my mom.  He commented that we both cook on top of our cookbooks.  A person can definitely tell which recipes are my favs, the pages start to stick together.  I did solve that problem.  I have written several family and friends cookbooks, gathering all our favorite recipes together.  It is time to write the 4th edition.  You guessed it; the pages of the 3rd edition are starting to stick together.  I have several of my Mom’s cookbooks and we can definitely tell what she liked to cook.

So the jury is still out whether I’m more like my Mom or Grandma Quick.  We haven’t even touched on the Davidson side of the family.

original on “When I Fly” blogger 2013