My cousin’s wedding…

Just in junior high,  I was put in charge of music at my cousin’s wedding.  She was getting married at my Grandparent’s house.  They had a long stairway that came down into the living room where the preacher was waiting with her intended.  My job was to turn on the record player so she would have music for her entrance.

She and my sister were wearing the latest fashion of pillbox hats and brocade dresses.   They both looked so pretty.  No  new dress for me, but I was so impressed with my assignment that didn’t matter.

I think my grandparents were sitting on the black horsehair sofa behind the oval coffee table.  Everyone looked so proud, this was the first grandchild’s wedding!

The ceremony and food are a blur – I mean, it was a few years ago.

Instead of throwing rice at the young married couple we had poppers.  I was standing out by the back door as they came out, pulled the popper – a little too close to my cousin’s face…she flinched. As the youngest cousin I was always forgiven for my mistakes.

All smiles, she and her new husband jumped into their corvette and started their lives together.

Being the youngest,

I got to clean up all the streamers…

and went back inside to eat more cake!

Original at “When I Fly” Blogger 2013