Not a wind storm…

Today I thinned the apples.  Ninety percent lay on the ground after hurricane thinner cruised by.  Two ladders and a pair of scissors, collecting at least three gallons of apples.  Why? You ask.  Well if we leave all the apples on the tree, the tree works very hard to produce apples and won’t have the energy to produce the next year.  The tree needs to take a sabbatical.  Most of our trees this year are on sabbatical, so we won’t have much of our own fruit.  Now when we do have fruit we have to be on the look out for squirrels and neighborhood children.  Once I even saw a delivery van stop and help himself to our pears.  I guess we should put up a sign asking people to put in some labor in order to reap the rewards.  Don’t get me wrong, we do share, but we would like to taste some of our labor.  The squirrels, the children and even the delivery man don’t understand that you must wait until ready to pick.  They pick green, take one bite, spit it out and toss the rest.

So maybe this year we will get some apples.

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