The first four years of my life were spent in Evansville, IN.  I am a Hoosier by birth.  One day my dad came home and said, “We are moving to Conneticut.  What kind of house would you like to live in?”  I said, ” Pink.”  True to his word when we arrived in Stamford we moved into a little pink house!  It was an interesting year, my kindergarten only had  five students.  I think my teacher’s name was Miss May.  One day on the playground I was very sad because I had no one to talk to.  Miss May said, “Sometimes you just have to play by yourself.”   My sister and I were invited to a home that had a butler.  During that meal I ate cooked spinach for the first time because the butler served it to me. That’s what I remember about kindergarten.

My first grade year was in Romeo, Michigan.  We lived out in the country in a two story house with a chicken coop.  My grandparents sent me home with some baby chicks.  My dear sweet Mother helped me raise those chicks in our kitchen.  We finally decided they were old enough to move into the chicken coop. The next morning we got up to find a fox had a very tasty dinner that night.  I learned to ride a two wheel bike on those country roads where I got a scar on my chin.   We rode the school bus.  In Michigan if you got your snowsuit wet, your punishment was to miss recess.  One morning I tried to hide my wet snowsuit in the cloak closet, but Miss Peacock found it.  That’s what I remember about first grade.

Second grade was in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.  Again we lived in a two story house.  This time we lived within walking distance from school.  In second grade we did the science experiment with celery and food coloring.  Because of our neighborhood, some days there were only five of us in my class.  Everyone else had  a holiday.  My Dad got very sick that year.  Soon after that we moved to my Dad’s hometown of Marshall, Illinois.

In Marshall we also lived in a two story house, not pink though, that was only in Connecticut. I lived in Marshall until I got married.  My new husband and I moved to Florida, but  that’s another story.

“When I Fly” blogger 2013