We had been married 5 years and had 2 little boys.  We had moved back to my hometown to be near grandparents and family.  Yet, we really hadn’t found our niche, we had tried teaching, building playground equipment, designing  telephone books, and flipping an old house.

Plan B:  Making my husband’s dream come true, go to architectural school.  He applied and was accepted at 2 schools that offered the 3-year masters of architecture.  All he needed was his Bachelor’s Degree. We could go to Milwaukee or Blacksburg, VA.  We didn’t think we wanted to raise the boys in a city, so we decided to drive out to Virginia and check out Blacksburg.

We packed up my little brown Ford Pinto.  It would be so exciting.  I could sit up front and the boys would sit and play in the back seat.  No car seat restrictions in this era…  My dream maybe lasted an hour; it became apparent I would be in the front only if I was driving.

The boys were amazed as they watched the world whiz by.  Talk – they both could talk, we had great conversations.  Looked at the maps, even though they were only 3 and 2.    We saw farm fields, barns, cows, horses, trucks, tractors, mountains and coal cars.  I can still hear the coal car song and see the winding railroad tracks as we drove on those mountainous roads.  Our family stories started with this trip.  We always created a story about Grandpa’s house, the woods or camping as we drove across the country.

Once we got to Blacksburg, we found the campus duck pond.  The boys and I stayed there while Pops had his interview.  We were to learn later, the squirrels really enjoyed the leftovers from the festivities held at the duck pond.  College students frequently left partially filled cans of refreshment.  At one point we saw a squirrel unable to stand on the edge of the garbage can – he just fell over and kept trying to stand upright. The ducks at the duck pond were very aggressive.  They scared the wits out of my little guys.  Hissing and looking eye to eye with each boy, demanding a handout and willing to knock you down.

After the interview we celebrated at the local burger place, the boys spilt the burger and I got the bun.  It was great they didn’t eat much.  Don’t worry; I’m sure I fed them apples and goodies from the car’s cooler.

Blacksburg grabbed our hearts and we moved there in time for fall term.  We found someone who wanted all the demolition work done in our house and wanting to complete the remodel.  We moved on for a 4-year 3-year degree.

“When I Fly” blogger 2013