I am trying my hand at manual labor; weeding the raspberry patch and spreading wood chips in among the canes.  The bees were busy with the raspberries.  They aren’t honeybees nor were they bumble bees.  Just a medium sized bee pollinating to her heart’s content.  As I weeded, a few asparagus spears popped into view.  We will have plenty to share with the relatives out West.  Tasted our first strawberries; the flavor is the best it has been in years.  Our neighbor shared a mustard plant with us.  I learned how to cook mustard greens today.   The dish was quite tasty if I do say so myself!

The flowers are enjoying our frequent rains this year.  The past few years it has been very dry and the flowers not as happy.   Our yard has now moved into a riot of color with the orange oriental poppies, purple iris, red roses, and peonies of every color.

When I Fly 2013