Saturday nights

After we moved back to my Dad’s hometown, Saturday nights at my Grandparent’s became a ritual. Paladin, Gunsmoke, popcorn and 7-up were the favorites.

My Grandfather, Uncle and Dad talked politics.  The women discussed Woman’s club and the new cookbook.  They were gathering all the new recipes with the mixes and timesaving products of the day.

We kids, including my sister and cousins watched “Have Gun Will Travel” and Chester calling out “Mr. Dillon, Mr. Dillon.”

Sometimes I’d sneak into the kitchen and add salt to the ½ full 7-up bottle.  Can you believe it?  It was so fun to lie in wait to see who drank it.  I was so disappointed when no one did.  I was, am, the youngest and the most teased.  I won’t tell you what nickname they gave me.

In the dining room was the on-going scrabble game my grandparents were playing.  It sat there on the card table beckoning us to play, but we knew it wasn’t ours.

After 2 hours of family TV time, we would climb into the car to drive back into our sleepy little town and dream of the Wild West!

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