recycled or thrown it away!

Saturday was Spring Clean Up day for a neighboring town.  One of the prairies borders this town and they have always been great about taking the dumped trash off the prairies.  The prairie people always pitch in and carry the trash back to the street where front loaders have scooped it up into dump trucks.

One year in particular I remember hundreds of dish soap bottles dumped into the ditch that runs alongside the prairie.  We could really see the difference after gathering all of them into bags.  But why were they there in the first place?

The front loaders have removed beds, refrigerators, bathtubs, car parts; you name it we have probably carried it off the prairies.

I can say though, this year we didn’t have a lot of heavy stuff.  One bathtub remains, but we weren’t sure how to move it to the street side.  It would be a long haul and we would need to drive over the budding plants.

So my husband and I cleaned behind one of the elementary schools.  The playground borders the prairie.  These suburban children can see nature at its best if they take the time.  Only most don’t.

We took 3 extra large garbage bags full of litter off the site.  The usual litter of plastic bottles, grocery bags, chip bags, pizza box, styrofoam dinner containers, juice bags, candy wrappers, straws, glass bottles, assignments, notices to home, and 3 containers of liquid soap were part of our bounty.  It took us about 2 hours to scavenge the area.  My hope is that at least one child will notice the pristine beauty of the prairie because of our efforts.   Yet, we will never know.

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