Taxes, one down, one to go…

I finished our joint taxes and only have my sister’s estate taxes to go.

About 19 years ago my husband said, “I’ve done our taxes for our first 20 years of marriage, now it is your turn for 20 years.”  Tension enveloped in the house when he did the taxes.  I think it irritated him to do them.  Of course he didn’t have the convenience of turbo-tax with their helpful questions and immediate calculations.  It was all paper, pencil and calculators.  I think I’ll continue to do the taxes.

Last year with our taxes, my sister’s and the estate’s, I hired a tax consultant.  I felt so relieved to have the help and assumed  everything would be done correctly.  Signed the forms, paid the bills and put everything away.  Only to find out from the IRS, my consultant had not entered the correct EIN number on the estate taxes.  We were assigned a new number.  With a little paper work, I was able to straighten the number situation out.  I did contact the consultant about it and asked he write a letter.  He said for me to “not get in a snit” because he was busy.  Oh well, I straightened it out.   Lost his phone number.

Anyway, one more morning with the computer and the estate paperwork and I should be done with 2012’s taxes.

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