3 little redbreasts…

I usually walk into the building early in the morning, working on reports and tedious things before others arrive.  With multiple locations, now is the time to move items to one building to ease the frustration of sorting. Most of my accumulated wealth is being bequeathed to my honored replacement.  With that said, I’m making multiple trips to my car, too heavy to carry in one load.

On my second trip back into the second building for the day, I was greeted by 3 little robin redbreasts.  They had just jumped from their nest above the custodian’s door.  Each one bravely trying to decide what to do with this huge creature approaching them, as I try to decide what to do.  They were lined up on a diagonal line.  Only one close to the door I needed to enter.  How do they get from 8 feet in the air down to the concrete sidewalk without hurting themselves?  No parent in sight.  The fear of being pecked had not crossed my mind.  Would the big door open and smash the little one in front?  I made my move, walking slowly up to them, hoping they would gently disperse out to the grassy area.  As my body moved closer each one automatically hopped away to a safer distance.

Carrying the heavy notebooks inside, it was time to write a little note about my adventure with nature this morning.  Now, where are they?  Did they make it past the parking lot?  Are they out of danger?  Will the parents come back and shepherd them into adult hood?

When I Fly 2013