Three weeks away from home!  It is definitely time to return. We have work to do.  We have many decisions to make. Where shall we move? What will we do? Can we make new friends?  What are our obligations?

Can we trust to make the right decisions?  Almost overwhelming!

Not to mention the weeds* in the garden!  The weeds, like thoughts, sprouting everywhere, possibly not wanted.  Weeds are invasive.  Yet, frequently we are convinced we shouldn’t rid ourselves of the weed because it has grace, beauty, originality.  Consider the bind weed with its dainty white  morning glory bloom, slender tendrils twirling intensely around every plant.  No matter how often you pull one up the underground root system has the upper hand. Comes up quickly and efficiently pulling the unsuspecting plants into a knot down toward the ground.  To untangle the plants you must be very careful or stems and blooms will brake off.  Don’t get me started about creeping charley,  everywhere, just everywhere.  Pretty little purple blooms, creeping through the garden, the yard, I swear if it could it would cross the street!  A local nursery actually cultivates it for the Chicago flower pots since it is so hardy, pretty and consistent.

Which ones to keep, which ones to compost?  Weeds make terrific compost unless the seed heads have formed.  Certainly don’t need all those seeds in our freshly created soil!  The dark moist dirt fresh from the compost.  The wiggly red worms working hard to help us enrich our gardens.

I’m not sure we can compost our weedy thoughts.  They probably need to be discarded with a warning sign not to let them back in.  Yet, those thoughts filter back into our thinking, rooting themselves, pretending to be part of the garden until we notice.  Yet, when we do notice, yanking them out can disrupt the intended plants, the roots become dislodged and need tender care to regrow.

It definitely is a risky move to be away from the garden for 3 weeks without attention.  I have pulled bushels of weeds.  You must think I didn’t prepare the gardens well before I left, you may be right, but I tried.  Seeds that blow, come attached to fur, clothing, birds drop, come silently and nestle right in with the other plants in the well tended soil.  Surprise!

Enough of the contemplation of weeds and thoughts, back outside to the gardens!  Thought tending all the time, yet not always diligent to extract invasive thoughts – certainly shouldn’t compost,  just throw them out!



a. A plant considered undesirable, unattractive, or troublesome, especially one growing where it is not wanted, as in a garden.

b. Rank growth of such plants.

2. A water plant, especially seaweed.

3. The leaves or stems of a plant as distinguished from the seeds: dill weed.

4. Something useless, detrimental, or worthless, especially an animal unfit for breeding.

5. Slang

The free dictionary

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