Let me be very honest, I don’t make good use of my time.  I watch as my husband is so busy doing many different things that he doesn’t have enough time to get them all done.

Sometimes I think I am more efficient, but probably I’m too slapdash and hurry to get done.  I also like to while away the hours reading escape fiction.  I’ve read so many lately.  I’m going to have to take a break from the mysteries with the recipes embedded.  I read the Omnivores Dilemma by Michael Pollan and needed an escape from making informed decisions about our selection of food. I thought I was environmentally conscious.  Wiser choices are soon to follow.  Agribusiness has  made corn and soy our only go to “choice”.  From the eggs we eat to the fuel we use, it’s everywhere.  Only a handful of farms across the nation farm without major harm to the environment.  Eatwild.com is a start.

Did I mention though, that I love to cook, garden, try to keep the house clean and stay in touch with the family?  I guess I’m not all that lazy, I just don’t keep busy from sunrise to sunset like my husband.

When I Fly 2013