Our journey together started August 11, 1974.  Under the tall oak trees at my parent’s home with family and friends.  Little did we know what life held in store for us.  So we hopped into our 2 cars and drove 1200 miles to start our new life together.  Yes, our honeymoon was following each other down the freeway to arrive in time for our teaching jobs.  About half way there I had the thought, “what on earth am I doing?”  didn’t last long, but I remember it to this day.

Our first home was a Florida bungalow built in the early 1900’s by family.  Placed on Lake Lotela with a struggling orange grove buffering us from the road.  No air conditioning yet quite comfortable.  Fans and wet wash cloths helped sleep come on those hot humid nights.

Twenty miles away were our jobs teaching migrant students.  I taught 3rd and Phil taught 4th.  My classroom started with twelve students and grew to 32.  Fluctuation was the norm.  Most of my formal education did not prepare me for this adventure.  My angel of mercy, Mrs. Campbell, became my mentor.  Her gracious, gentle friendship promoted calm and positive ambition.  My students didn’t realize that 3 days ago I was “Miss Davidson”, they only knew me as Mrs. Hahn.

Aurelia was my classroom aide.  We worked side by side meeting needs as these students filed through our classroom.  Their ages ranged from seven to thirteen.  Only English, some English, or no English!  It was English, Spanish, or Spanglish!

We were continually learning every day and from each other.