Finally in the car and on our way. First stop…gas station-fuel and $1.00 for air …no wallet! Back to the house…FOUND IT!  

On our way!

Celebrating our smooth sailing all the while observing those heading east are traveling slowly.  Heading for their last vacation in Michigan before school starts as we head toward our little family.  Two days with Calvin, Audrey, Andy, Michelle, Puck, Sadie and the chickens – can’t wait!

After dinner as night crept in so did the torrential downpours. On with the flashers, down to 40 miles an hour, the wipers can’t keep up.  Decision made – we won’t make our goal for the night, just get out of this mess.  Found a room, rain slowed so could run to the check in.  They want 3 times the amount they usually charge because it is the Iowa state fair!  Turning to see that the rain has become a sprinkle we move on!

Rather than return to the interstate we take the frontage road hoping to gain entrance at the next overpass.  No entrance– signs saying “caution road impassable during high water”!  Pavement turns into gravel and down to one lane past homes and chicken coops; we can no longer see the interstate paralleling the road.  Out comes the all knowing Garmin, thank you Bruce!  As we sit on high ground heading south instead of west the Garmin talks to the sky.  After 6 turns, more torrential downpours the interstate appears and we are heading west once more!  Two hours later we drop into bed not governed by the Iowa state fair!